While Push automatically requests permissions before displaying a notification, you may sometimes wish to either manually request permission or view whether or not Push already has received permission to show notifications. Push uses an array of constants to keep track of its current permission level. These constants are as follows:

Push.Permission.DEFAULT; // 'default'
Push.Permission.GRANTED; // 'granted'
Push.Permission.DENIED; // 'denied'

Requesting Permission

To manually request notification permission, simply call:

Push.Permission.request(onGranted, onDenied);

where onGranted is a callback function for if permision is granted, and onDenied is a callback function for if, you guessed it, the permission is denied. Note that if Permission.DEFAULT is returned, no callback is executed.

Reading Permission

To find out whether or not Push has permission to show notifications, just call:


which will return a boolean value denoting permission.

Native Permission Levels

You can also get the raw permission level from the native API itself using:


This returns a string value which may or may not coincidentally be represented by Push’s constants. Use this info as you please.